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About Shipshewana Hardwoods

Formed in 1972 by Josey & Judy Bontrager who began with a portable sawmill, a lot of hard work and determination, Shipshewana Hardwoods has risen from its humble beginnings to one of the largest green lumber sawmills in the region. Current operations include two hardwood sawmills on site. One mill manufactures high grade lumber, suitable for cabinets and fine hardwood furniture, the other mill saws lower grade pallet material.

In 2001, Shipshewana Hardwoods was purchased by PalletOne, the largest new pallet manufacturer in the United States. Low grade timber harvested by Shipshewana Hardwoods is used to support the pallet manufacturing operation, high grade timber is processed and sold to dry kiln operators, eventually finding its way to the furniture, cabinet and molding industries.