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Protecting Your Legacy

As the steward of your land, you want to ensure that you are preserving and protecting it for future generations. Harvesting the timber on your property makes sense from both an economic and environmental standpoint. You benefit from the value of the timber–a renewable resource–while opening your property up to a greater variety of foliage and wildlife.

Shipshewana Hardwoods understands your pride and investment in your land. We are committed to working with you to make sure that the timber is harvested in an environmentally responsible manner, and that every piece of wood that we obtain from your property is used in the best possible way.

We harvest your wood using our own, fully-trained, licensed and bonded logging crews. All of our loggers have taken hands-on training and been certified through the Game of Logging, the premier chainsaw safety and productivity training program in the country. An important part of this program is education in cutting and conservation techniques. Our buyers have also been certified, and all employees receive two additional days of training every year.

On the rare occasions that we bring in outside crews, the site work will always be managed by a certified employee of our company. We also own and carefully maintain the equipment we’ll bring to your site.

As a company committed to the wise use of natural resources, Shipshewana Hardwoods evaluates every log to determine the most appropriate use for it. We have excellent working relationships with buyers and exporters of high-end hardwoods–used in veneers and in fine-furniture construction–and with sawmills that work primarily with timber used for industrial applications.

When you unlock the economic benefits in your land through careful timber harvesting you are helping to preserve it in a healthy condition for those who come after you. Shipshewana Hardwoods wants to help you in that endeavor–after all, our own future depends on having a steady supply of renewable, high-quality hardwoods.

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